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5 Easy Tips For Healthy Reading Habits

A lot of people say they wished that they read more or wished that they liked to read. Reading can seem daunting if you feel you don’t have the time for it or that you don’t enjoy it. There are several ways that I have managed to make reading a part of my life. Follow my tips and reading will be a healthy daily habit for you too.


1. Read Daily

I know it’s cliché, but reading a little bit every day really does cultivate a reading habit. Reading a paragraph leads to finishing a chapter. An interesting article is just as stimulating as a book and poetry is just as complex, if not more. It’s important to read a little of something each day if you want reading to be a part of your routine. Reading stimulates the mind, relaxes and entertains you, and is a great way to stay current. Whether you read a little or a lot, just be mindful of practicing it daily.


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2. Find Your Genre

For people who say that they don’t like to read, I don’t believe you. You just haven’t found what you like to read yet. You might like short stories over novels or poetry over comics. It doesn’t matter. Your genre – your niche, is out there. And I don’t just mean books. I know people who hated books until e-readers came out. Now they read every moment they can. I know people who claim to hate reading but read stacks of manga or comic books. I know people who hated reading until they found audiobooks. Find what you like to read and how you like to read it.

5 tips for healthy reading


3. Make a List

I like to make a list of books that I want to read for the year. This takes the stress off trying to find my next read. I get really bad book hangovers (which are a real thing), so I like to be prepared to dive into another book right after I finish one. Making a list could help you figure out what you like to read as well. It’s a great way to research genres and what different books are about without committing to one.


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4. Read with Family

Having a group read is better for some people. I personally like to read alone but my niece needs company to keep her on track. Reading with family, your children, in particular, can help people who wish they made more time to read. Reading with family can be both your reading time and quality time, especially if you’re reading the same book. For younger kids, reading a bedtime story every night could be your routine. For older kids, make reading hour something you all do together. My dad would make us read a certain amount of pages before we were free to go out and play. It was meant to be a positive punishment, but there were many times I read way over what I had to.


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5. Set a Goal

A friend of mine recently got me into setting book goals. For people who are competitive or just like that feeling of accomplishment, this is for you. Set your goal for how many books you want to read for the month or year. When you make it or exceed it, treat yourself to a new book, or any treat. Setting goals helps immensely with the daily reading tip as well. You can’t hit your book goals without reading every day.


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Reading is a fun activity that is closely linked to intelligence and longevity. Making it apart of your daily routine should be a goal. Reading is self-care. So take a minute, grab some tea and a quiet corner, and take a look inside a book.

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