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My 2021 Reading List

I have already discussed the importance of making a list of books you want to read in my previous post, 5 Tips for Healthy Reading, so I want to share with you my reading list for the year. This year’s list is a little different for me because I will be focusing on books written by Black authors that focus on Black characters. I usually read whatever catches my interest in the fantasy genre, but I feel it’s necessary to make a conscious effort to read books by black authors.


1. #Very Fat #Very Brave by Nicole Byer

#VERYFAT #VERYBRAVE: The Fat Girl’s Guide to Being #Brave and Not a Dejected, Melancholy, Down-in-the-Dumps Weeping Fat Girl in a Bikini. The title says it all. I am focusing on losing weight for health reasons this year, but I also need to focus on being body positive and loving myself more. It doesn’t matter if you’re thin if you’re still beating yourself up about the way you look. We all need to love ourselves, practice self-care, and be happy in the skin we’re in.


nicole byer in purple bikini veryfat


2. Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

I was looking for another good series to start and I came across this book. It’s based on African mythology, which I don’t feel is focused on enough. Africa has rich mythology outside of Egyptian mythology that should be discussed more! There’s magic, prison breaks, and culture galore. I can’t wait to start this one! (But I have to finish my current book first.)


children of blood and bone book cover amazon


3. Children of Virtue and Vengeance by Tomi Adeyemi

And of course, I plan on following up with the sequel. I want to be ready when the third book in the Legacy of Orisha series comes out.

children of virtue and vengeance book cover


4. Cinderella is Dead by Kalynn Bayron

I love a dark twist on a fairy tale!!! This is definitely one of my favorite things. Give me a dark take on an old classic any day, and give me a Black Cinderella EVERY DAY. Not only do they go into what happened decades after Cinderella, but they also expand on the original story. I will admit to being tired of the Cinderella retellings in film, but this book speaks to my inner emo, teenage self.

black cinderella is dead book cover


5. Let the Dead Bury Their Dead by Randall Kenan

This is an anthology of twelve short stories that focus on the inhabitants of a small farming town, Tims Creek, North Carolina. I love short stories (obviously, I made a blog about them) and I love fantasy and the supernatural. These short stories go into all the weird, quirky, and dark places I love to read about.

yelloow let the dead bury their dead book cover

That’s my list! I never have a very long list, I have friends that like reading a hundred books a year (yes, seriously) I’m not that person. My list might not be your cup of tea, but this is just an example. I make a list with the title, author, and brief note of why I’d like to read that book. Ideally, I’d like to read a book every month or two, but I never put a deadline on myself. Reading is relaxing, so enjoy every page and chapter at your own pace.

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